The current Races are as follows

Elf (Wood elf)

Halflings (light foot)


Gnomes (Rock gnome)

Half elf- Very rare

Half Orc – actively shunned

Neko (Use Tabaxi P.114 Volos guide) Choose a Type of cat it will restrict your class and decide your fur color/pattern. 

Lion-Samurai (Fighter/champion )

Panther-Ninja (rogue/assassin)

Tiger-Monk ( Monk/Open Fist)

Linx- Shugenja (Sorcerer/Storm Sorcery w/revised spell list)

Goliaths (Pg.108 VGtM)- South of the great land bridge there are exceedingly rare.

Dwarves/Dragonborn/Teifling Are not allowed at this time


Eriar Nic_Patchett