There are several class restrictions currently in place in the setting. As of year xxxx these are the playable classes and any notes of further restrictions

Barbarian (Path of the totem, Path of the Beserker)- Goliath only

Druid (circle of the land) – Elf (Wood elf) only

Fighter (champion,Battle master) – Anyone can be a fighter. Neko (Lion) must choose (Champion)

Monk (Way of the Open Fist) - Neko (tiger) only

Ranger (Hunter, Beast master)- Currently must be an elf (Wood elf) 

Rogue (Theif)- Anyone can be a rogue. Neko (panther) Must take assassin  

Shugenja (Sorcerer/Storm Sorcery Pg.137 SCAG)- Neko (linx) Only

Warlock (The fiend)- Anyone can choose to bargain with there soul, carful when choosing this demons will collect on there debt, and civilized folk will hunt you if they suspect you.


Clerics/Paladins/Wizards/Sorcerers Do not exist at this time


Eriar Nic_Patchett